Word of Intention

For several years now, I have chosen a word of intention for the upcoming year. Honestly, the word usually found me. I would watch a video or read a book, and the word would tickle my brain in a way that made me want to take that word into the year.

Last year, for the year 2020, I chose the word magnificence. This was, of course, not knowing what the year had in store for all of us. I wanted to look for the magnificence that was all around me. That became quite challenging, but I am immensely grateful for so much that continued to show up, like the lotus blooming in the mud or the flower that bloomed in the small crack in the sidewalk.

Usually, the word shows up for me around November. It is two weeks until next year, and I don't have a word yet. I have a couple that I am pondering, but the word didn't show up as it usually does… and I feel like I am "forcing" one. But I am taking a breath and allowing whatever might happen in this process.

What about you? Any year-end traditions that are now a struggle? Or are you enjoying and looking forward to them? Any new traditions you want to start?

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