Revisiting a Trusted Resource

I was going through some notebooks I had kept over the years. One from exactly ten years ago (January of 2011), and I was somewhat amused. I had made a list of websites I wanted to visit. I took that list of twelve and typed in the websites, and about half of them weren't even active anymore.

I had made lists of trying to take care of myself, scheduling self-care, and family time. Then I saw it. Insert grimacing emoji here. I saw that I had a weight loss goal. I had the weight that I was at the time and how many pounds I would like to lose. I felt sad for myself ten years ago. It was only ten years ago when I believed in the stuff of diet culture.

But a few pages later, I listed books I planned to read that year. One of the books on that list was Intuitive Eating. I remembered it was in May of 2011 that I read that book. And it changed e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

A few weeks ago, a therapist friend of mine (also an eating disorder therapist) asked me to list my top ten books. Intuitive Eating was on that list. Make no mistake about it, there are some great books out with valuable anti-diet information. But it all began for me with this one, and it remains one of my favorites to recommend.

They have built on it and revised it over the years, showing me that they are willing to grow and adapt as we all learn more about the anti-diet life. THIS is something I find respectable and necessary. They helped to start a revolution and have adapted as needed, as we learned that things might be different for individuals with various eating disorders. Adapting with language that is more inclusive and less stigmatizing. Adding the science and research that has been done over the years.

An important work like this will evolve and need adapting over time. As I write this, the most recent edition is the fourth. I recommend trying to get the latest version if you can or check it out at your library. If you are ready to learn more about moving away from diets, this is a great place to start. Get this book and the workbook, too. Read it in order, the principles build on each other. Principle one is "reject the diet mentality." Do the work in the workbook—write out the answers. It is well worth it!

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