As I was looking at the book that I shared last week, a snippet caught my eye. The authors shared three ways to catch diets disguised as something else. Look for some key indicators—the need for willpower, the need for obedience, and the idea of failure. 

With intuitive eating, we are working toward trusting our bodies, trusting our natural desires—no willpower or obedience necessary. A common complication that comes up is a tendency to turn intuitive eating into a diet. True intuitive eating will not have these concepts. In rejecting diet mentality, a program will masquerade as a lifestyle or wellness, but still, they are a diet in disguise.

Diets don't work, remember, and they often cause harm. If you are trying to live the anti-diet life, be on the lookout for the tricksters. If you see the concept (and sometimes the actual word) of willpower, obedience, or failure…be very suspicious.

I tried to come up with a mnemonic, but WOF doesn't spell anything.

  • willpower
  • obedience
  • failure