Fear: A Shadow Over Our Lives & How to Overcome It

So many times, in life we are taught to fear.  As children, through the unintentional consequences of our caregivers, societal influences, or direct influences we are taught to fear certain parts of our environment. These fears can create anxiety in us as adults.  More recently, in our societal and direct influences, and primarily social media, there has been an increase in fear-based publications surrounding major events such as the solar eclipse, as well as current political and economical issues. 


Fear, in its insidious grip, extends its tendrils into every aspect of our existence, exacting a toll that reverberates through our mental, emotional, and physical realms. Its shadow eclipses our aspirations, paralyzing us with doubt and trepidation, rendering us immobile in the face of life's beckoning opportunities. The divine calling that whispers to our souls is drowned out by the clamor of fear's voice, coercing us into a state of inertia, shackling us to the status quo.


Moreover, fear infiltrating our psyche and manifesting as a desire for control. We clutch desperately at the reins of our lives, seeking to manipulate circumstances and outcomes, driven by an unrelenting need to assuage the gnawing anxiety that fear instills within us. Yet, in our frantic attempts to impose order upon chaos, we find ourselves ensnared in a web of our own making, suffocated by the weight of our fears.


Instead of allowing fear to control us, we can choose to face it head on and challenge its validity. By questioning the source of our fear and examining the underlying beliefs that fuel it, we can begin to dismantle its power over us. We can remind ourselves that fear is often a projection of our insecurities and doubts, and that it does not have to dictate our actions or decisions. Instead, we can choose to cultivate courage, resilience, and self-compassion in the face of fear, allowing us to navigate uncertainty with grace and strength. By acknowledging and confronting our fears, we can transform them into opportunities for growth and self-discovery.


If you are experiencing fear, anxiety, or anything else – let us help you.