Is Gratitude Really That Big of a Deal?

gratitude journalI've been thinking a lot about gratitude lately.  A year or so ago, I wrote about a time that I really understood the power of gratitude.  I have heard for many years about how important it is to practice gratitude.  It is one of those things that we all think is a good idea but do we actually put them into practice? Last year, I started a journal project (a bit like what I talked about here)....I have a small notebook and decided I would write 100 Days of gratitude.  I had planned to finish it near Thanksgiving or Christmas (I can't even remember now).....and after the 100 Days was through, I just kept going.  This morning was 240 something. What I do is write at the top of the page "Day240" and the date.  Then I list a few things I am grateful for.  Usually I am thinking of the day before, since I do this in the morning.  Let me just tell you....I absolutely LOVE this practice!  I fill up the is usually 4 or 5 things.  I look forward to writing events in it.  I will be thinking about my day, as it is happening, excited to write it in my journal the next day.  It makes me doubly grateful because I am more "actively" grateful as it is happening.  And's triple....because I will look forward to an event, ready to experience it, knowing I am going to get to write it in the journal.... An extra bonus....sometimes an extra unique way of letting someone know you are enjoying time with them or something that can say, "I am putting this in my gratitude journal tomorrow."  I think people enjoy hearing that....and it is the truth! I can remember thinking that writing things you are grateful for seemed so simple, how can it make a difference?  I can also remember thinking, sounds like something I should try.  I believe it is something that really needs to be experienced. Start a journal or a list of things you are grateful for.  Or start sending emails to yourself of things you are grateful for.  I feel certain there are apps you can download that would help make a gratitude list.  Share with me what you do!  I would love to hear other ways or what benefits you see of being grateful!