The Elisa Project

I wanted to highlight another resource.  The Elisa Project is a program that works with men and women of all ages that are struggling with an unhealthy relationship with food.  While they are located in Dallas, Texas, they have worked with those outside of the DFW area both inside out and outside of Texas.  They offer case management services for those struggling with eating disorders.  The case management services include advocacy, treatment referrals, and education.  The website itself is a wealth of information and worth checking out, whether you have an eating disorder or are struggling with symptoms of an unhealthy relationship with food.  If you are a caregiver of someone with eating concerns or want to get involved in educating the community, they offer some top notch information, support, and curriculum.  As a therapist who works with eating disorders and poor body image, this organization is one that I recommend regularly for clients as well as their loved ones