Keeping it Casual

  • It's National Eating Disorders Awareness week.  As a therapist who works with eating disorders and body image, I both believe in this week.....and worry about this week.  I've had clients with eating disorders who struggle during this particular week because images are often posted that can be triggering.  Discussions and comments on social media can also get the chatter going in our heads regarding our own eating or body issues, especially if you have an eating disorder  I  believe in this week because awareness is soooo needed.  There are so many misconceptions around eating disorders that can create stigma or prevent someone from knowing they are going down a serious rabbit hole and may need some help.  Earlier this week, I had someone say to a friend, "Obviously, I don't have an eating disorder."  I may have snapped at her, "It is not obvious...don't say that!"  I caught myself and told her that I didn't mean to be so snippy.  Apparently, I can get a little passionate about this topic.
  • I got to see Chrissy Metz!!!  Do you watch the show "This is Us"?  Chrissy Metz plays Kate on the show.  If you watch it, you probably love it....unless you hate crying.  I got my husband to watch the show and he grumbles because it has some powerful writing that can tug at the heart strings and tear ducts.  The Elisa Project had a fundraiser and had Chrissy Metz come to Dallas to just sit and talk casually (in front of an audience of about 400).  She talked about so many things, including body image issues and working to accept yourself.
[caption id="attachment_658" align="aligncenter" width="300"] I wish this picture was less blurry. It was my favorite of her because she is smiling/laughing.[/caption]
  • Inspired by Chrissy Metz, who said she started every day with a gratitude list, I started a personal quest to write 3 things I am grateful for each day....and I am shooting for 100 days this time.  I've written before about gratitude, and I believe it is a great habit to work into your life.  Here's my journal entry from yesterday:
[caption id="attachment_659" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Because I write my list in the morning, I reflect on the day before when writing my list. But I don't always list things from the day before....they can be anything really![/caption]