Health at Every Size

I wrote about some revolutionary approaches to eating a couple months ago.  Now, I want to highlight a revolutionary approach to looking at size diversity.  And in doing that, I want to give you several resources to expand your knowledge and awareness of this movement. Health at Every Size (HAES) challenges the presumption that you can tell the health of a person by the size of their body.  It has challenged the science that supposedly supports that obesity is linked with a number of health problems.  It has become part of a body positivity and fat acceptance movement.  But it makes a lot of sense.  I am way oversimplifying an enormous concept, which is why I am going to recommend some resources. Know that this is a movement, and especially if it is new information to you, it can be a paradigm shift (also known as blowing your mind).  It can be a challenge to navigate in a world that is promoting weight loss being "healthy" at every turn.  Take your time absorbing the information. Just to get your started on adding to your knowledge are some resources: Dr. Linda Bacon is pretty much the head guru of this movement. She is a scientist and researcher, college professor and speaker.   Linda Bacon has two amazing books to check out.  Health at Every Size and Body Respect. Some websites to check out: Association for Size Diversity and Health where you can become a member, locate other members (including some professionals), and find additional resources. Health at Every Size Community where you can find so many additional resources supporting the approach.  You can also sign a pledge and have your name to the numbers trying to make societal change. If this information is new to you, take it in bites (ahem, cute pun there).  It can be so freeing for so many, but it can be a bit of a push-pull if it is challenging your belief system.

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