Self-Care 2.0

Self-care is critical.  We need to stop putting it on the back burner or letting it move down on our priority list.  Stop saying it sounds like a good idea.  Stop thinking we will eventually get to it.  Put it on your calendar.....NOW!  What are you doing for self-care TODAY?  Make a list of what you will do daily for self-care.  We have covered this before in this post and this post, with some very practical steps to put self-care into your life.  Go back and do the exercises.  Just get it on your calendar.  Have something you do daily, no matter how small, for self-care.  Then add some weekly and monthly self-care on the calendar as well. This is crucial.  And maybe I am speaking to myself here, and those like me, but we need to get serious about taking care of ourselves.  Look at what kind of a toll your work and your relationships are having on you.  We minimize the impact of these "everyday" things hurting our physical and mental health.  If we are in any position where we need to be effective to do our work properly (health care professionals, including therapist, are you listening?), it is unethical for us not to be taking care of ourselves. I am stepping down from my soapbox, but I am no longer going to allow myself to think it is indulgent to take steps to take care of myself.  How about you?