Speaking Your Love Language to Yourself

I believe at this point that most everyone is familiar with the concept of love languages.  If you aren’t, you might be interested in checking out the book that’s been around since 1992.  And as I was researching to find out how long the book had been out, I learned they have a great website and even an app, where you can take a quiz to find out your love language. And if you are thinking this is a post only for couples, please keep reading.  The love languages are for couples, BUT…..  What about your relationship with yourself?  I recently saw a social media post with ideas for loving yourself.  I loved this and started building the list.  If you know your love language, add one or two of these ideas into your routine: For PHYSICAL TOUCH, getting a massage or even a manicure or pedicure is a great self-care option.  Some other ideas include yoga or stretching, as well as lotions or oils that feel good on your skin or soak in a tub.  You could also get a nice soft and/or blanket to snuggle up with. For WORDS OF AFFIRMATION, do some self-coaching....out loud!  Be your own cheerleader and tell yourself what you are doing well.  Some other ideas are journaling and adding some affirmations into your daily routine.  You can collect things others have said to you, writing them in their own journal or a section of your journal.  Write a letter to yourself or just leave some post-it notes around reminding yourself of your best qualities. For QUALITY TIME, really set aside time for yourself, to do what you want to do.  Do you have hobbies or activities that you really enjoy?  Make sure you are doing them regularly.  Ever take yourself to the movies or out to dinner?  Journaling and meditation fit well in this category. For ACTS OF SERVICE, check in with yourself and see how best to receive love for yourself.  Do you want to arrange things to be done for you, such as lawn care or housecleaning?  This could be going to therapy as well.  Bake yourself something you would enjoy.  Do some random acts of kindness for others....and then back on yourself if it applies. For RECEIVING GIFTS, this one is likely the easiest to implement.  Treat yo self!  Putting a little money toward things for yourself, like small indulgences you'd enjoy.  Set up a regular amount to spend on yourself each week or each month.  Another great idea here is to sign up for a subscription box that appeals to you.  There are so many out there, some as inexpensive as $10 per month. What would you add to this list?  Do you know your love language?  How can you add to your self-care repertoire using your love language?

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