Avoidance Is a Real Thing

What is distracting you? Every one of us has at least one thing we do to numb or distract us. Truth be told, we usually have several things. And some of those things can be good things. Like volunteer work or organizing events for our friends. Or maybe it is our vocation that we are absorbed in, which can be good….until it is not and we don't set the needed boundaries, and that is sometimes completely on us. We have often identified the distractions in our lives, and some are potentially harmful. 

But the real question is…..what are you avoiding?

That is the better question, or at least it often holds a lot of power. Sometimes we are avoiding something so obvious, like having a difficult conversation. Sometimes we are avoiding something within ourselves. If we don't know right away, we can go inside ourselves…..breathe deeply, and ask, "What am I avoiding?" The trick here is to take the first answer that comes to mind. Don't censor it. If it seems silly or makes you angry, just sit with that for a moment. We are avoiding for a reason because it is at the least uncomfortable….and at most, quite painful. I think there is a lot of power in just knowing and acknowledging what it is we are avoiding. 

Just like there was an answer when you went inside and asked, that same part of you that revealed that will know what to do next. Go inside and ask, then listen to the answer….the first thing that pops up. Seek support from your identified support folks and/or your therapist, if needed.