Breathing Through Transition

Who remembers when they were a kid wanting to be a teenager? Then when we were a teenager, we couldn't wait until we could drive. Then we couldn't wait until we graduated high school. Then we couldn't wait to go to college. Then…. I remember going to a yoga class a few years ago and learning how we move from one pose to the next too quickly. She said we need to slow down and breathe more through the transition. That is a life lesson right there. Slow down, notice your body, and breathe. How often are we holding our breath through life? These transitions are all around us. Right now, I can't wait for fall weather, and I know holidays are coming up. Where are you in your world? Anything you can't wait to get here? Significant transitions and little transitions. Promotion at work? Weddings? New jobs? Maybe even something that isn't "in the works" yet but you can't wait for it to here already. Just for right now, be present and breathe.