That Pesky Comfort Zone

Oh, that comfort zone. You know the one. We want to hang out there because it is easy and warm and….well….comfortable But we also often know that very little can happen in that comfort zone. If we want to grow in any way, shape, or form, we have to get out of that comfort zone. And let me tell you, I am drawn to my comfort zone like a magnet. If it were up to me, I would hole up and probably shrivel up and melt into a pile of goo….right there in my comfort zone. I have to push against my natural tendency to dwell in my comfort zone. I am learning to embrace opportunities to get out of my comfort zone because I want that growth and all the good things that are out there! Partly because it's not much of a life to shrivel up and melt into a pile of goo. Good things can happen if we open ourselves up and make ourselves vulnerable. We can make authentic connections.