Reflecting on the Year

It is getting toward the end of the year.  I like to make a practice of looking over my year and reflecting on accomplishments.  I shoot for 25 in a year.  That might seem like a lot!  Start on your list and see.  It might be surprising how many accomplishments you have and don't give yourself credit for.  Do NOT leave out things....this is your list.  If you ask yourself, "Does it count if...?"  The answer is YES, it counts!

 You can add this list to your journal.  Don't have a journal?  Maybe it's time to start one!  Or if you want to open up a Word document on your computer or a notes section on your phone.  Whatever works for you and in your style.  Since the year isn't completed yet, I am starting my list and seeing how many I can find.  I can add to it over the next month as we finish out the year. We so often overlook the things in our life that we could be grateful for, as well as our accomplishments (small to large)!  You can even go beyond the 25 or if you'd rather have a shorter list....or how about an ongoing list that you add to?!