Everyone's Tired

If you don't want to read this once I mention the pandemic, I'm probably talking about you. Back in March, April, and May, most of us knew that there was a reason we were "off." We were stressed and impacted by the pandemic. During the summer, I found myself reminding many of my clients and friends (and myself, honestly) that we are not operating at 100%. I saw a figure that someone estimated we were at about 65%, which resonated with me. We were doing more than half, but we were struggling to "pass the class."

But here we are, nine(ish) months later… and I am hearing from clients and friends (and experiencing it myself) this phenomenon of not wanting to do anything we usually do for fun and enjoyment. For me, it was showing up in reading, learning, and listening to podcasts. I was struggling to want to. I mentioned this to a friend, and she said she was experiencing the same thing. It is showing up for others in not enjoying cooking or Christmas shopping or walking the dog. Whatever you usually enjoy is taking extra effort and not as fun as it used to.

So, here's my theory. It is burnout. We've been operating with AT LEAST a low level of stress in the background… and some of us have moderate or high levels. Our bodies and our brains are saying, "I just can't." We have to make rest, and taking a break, high on the priority list. I hope you can take a break… a good break, with plenty of rest and renewal.

Virtual hugs and good vibrations sent your way!