Are You Looking Ahead?

Last year, I shared about how looking forward to something can benefit our mental health. I had looked forward to Hawaii for so long, and I honestly still remember Hawaii fondly. Hawaii was so worth the time it took anticipating, the time there, and the lasting effects of having a ‘happy place' to remember. I hear I need to go back because there are other islands and the ‘island life' is better displayed on the other islands. We went to Oahu, which was very much a touristy city. So, I don't disagree, I'll go back one day so I can see other islands. When I was in sandtray training in October of 2017, I did my own sandtray that included a vision to go to Orlando, to Harry Potter World. I wrote some about that here, and guess what I did this summer? We took a family vacation to Florida, to go to Harry Potter World, and we each had our own interactive wands to use throughout the park. We got to see Hogwarts Castle. We rode the Hogwarts Express (see picture above). It was such a fun time, and I'm so glad to have had such a great experience. As we've discussed before, I am a little bit nerdy. So, as I am thinking about the power of looking forward to something, I am wanting to revisit this recommendation for you. What are you looking forward to? As discussed in last year's blog, it helps us if we are ‘actively' looking forward to the visit. I was setting money aside for souvenirs in Orlando, up to a week or so before we flew out. I have already started a Scotland fund because THAT is my next big trip. I think these vacations are so good for us, I want to do small-ish trips before Scotland, but Scotland is on the agenda to celebrate my 30th wedding anniversary in a few years.  Something else I am looking forward to is starting a PhD program this fall. It has been 12 years since I was in school, but I am embracing my growth mindset. Truthfully, I am a little nervous. Nervousness and excitement look the same, biologically, in our bodies, so I am focusing on being excited about learning and growing and experiencing the PhD journey. What's next on your list?