Gratitude Practices

This blog post is about gratitude. If you want to click away, I get it. I feel like most of us know that gratitude is a good idea. Quite a few of us may even see it as a practice that helps us further along the recovery journey.

But then, many of us, knowing these things, struggle with practicing gratitude. I have even had gratitude practices over the years that were successful, yet here I am… working on getting one going again. 

Maybe one of my most successful gratitude practices was when I listed 3 to 5 things that I was grateful for every day. I shot for 100 days, did that, then kept going…for more than a year. It was nice and became a habit. I would notice things throughout the day that I wanted to add to my gratitude journal. 

One year, I made a collage of some of the top things I was grateful for that year. I ordered it from an online photo printer and titled it "Epic Gratitude 2013". I had intended to make it a yearly ritual but have one done the one year….so far. 

Others just have a list of things they are grateful for, and they add to it and see how many things they can add. Or you can have a gratitude jar that you add slips of paper, writing out what you are grateful for. Maybe you take turns with a friend or family member sharing what you are grateful for. 

Whatever appeals to you to turn gratitude into a practice, find a way to make this a practice and see how it impacts your life. What ideas do you have? What have you tried that has worked?